simplest way to log/trace queries?

OJ Reeves oj at
Tue Oct 1 20:21:35 EDT 2013

Hello Alex,

CI doesn't currently have a loggin facility which supports this, I am sorry to say. I agree this would indeed be handy.

Jeremiah and I have discussed the possibility of wiring in the likes of Log4net or NLog to support various levels and types of logging, but we haven't yet managed to find the time to do so.

Bear in mind that adding this kind of logging does have impact on various things, including performance, and unfortunately isn't as simple as just putting something at the exit points because most of the traffic is PBC-encoded.

May I request that you open a ticket on our github repo[1] to kick off a public discussion about this so that we can find a way of moving forward that's suitable?

Many thanks.


On 02/10/2013, at 10:16 AM, Alex Rice <alex at> wrote:

> Hi all, I am using C# corrugatedIron client. I would like to get a
> verbose log of all of my Riak queries and calls. To help during
> development. Whether it's on the client side, or on the server side
> (maybe some lager settings in app.config?) doesnt matter. I have been
> searching for a way to get this type of log output but seems to be
> stumped. Thanks,
> Alex
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