benchmark results on my $75/month 5 node cluster :)

Alex Rice alex at
Wed Oct 2 14:14:59 EDT 2013

Hey, something that is impressive about Riak is how well it performs
even on  super low end cloud virtualization (unlike for example,
couchbase, which hardly runs at all unless you have quad cores per
each node)

Having so much fun benchmarking, it's really distracting me from coding!

the cluster : 5 nodes on Windows Azure cloud
Ubuntu 12.04, Riak 1.2.4
node are xsmall vm (1 shared cpu core, 768 mb ram)

The xmall vms are only $15/month and they are not recommended for
"production". but in a 5 node riak cluster, it's really nothing to
scoff at!

I suspect the main bottleneck is not the cpu or disk, rather I think
it's the each xsmall node is allowed only 5Mbit/sec on the ethernet.

Here is a basho_bench graph, if anyone feels like viewing it

note the basho bench was running on a quad core machine on the same
vlan with 5 workers.

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