Riak Java client not returning deleted sibling

Daniel Iwan iwan.daniel at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 11:38:05 EDT 2013

Hi I'm using Riak 1.3.1 and Java client 1.1.2

Using http and curl I see 4 siblings for an object one of which
has X-Riak-Deleted: true
but when I'm using Java client with DomainBucket my Converter's method
toDomain is called only 3 times.

I have set the property


on my DomainBuilder which I keep reusing for all queries and store
operations (I guess that's good practice btw.?)

I run that under debugger and it seems raw client sees 4 siblings but
passes over only 3 due to bug (I think) in DomainBucket.fetch() method
which should have

        if (fetchMeta.hasReturnDeletedVClock()) {



at the end, as store() method has.

Could you confirm or I'm I completely wrong?


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