Unable to configure Riak-CS-Control to manage users

Siddhu Warrier (siwarrie) siwarrie at cisco.com
Wed Oct 9 09:55:23 EDT 2013


I have a two node Riak CS (1.4) cluster set up on two nodes (node-1 and node-2 henceforth). Node-1 is the headnode. Both node-1 and node-2 are running CentOS-6.4.


  *   Riak 1.4.2
  *   Stanchion 1.4.1
  *   Riak-CS 1.4.1
  *   Riak-CS-Control 1.0.2


  *   Riak 1.4.2
  *   Riak-CS 1.4.1

I have got Riak CS working, and have created admin credentials that I've set correctly on stanchion, riak-cs, and riak-cs-control on node 1, and on riak-cs on node 2. I am able to use the admin credentials to perform operations on the bucket using s3cmd.

However, when I try to list riak-cs users using the riak-cs-control, I get no results. The error that comes up in /var/log/riak-cs.log is: - - [09/Oct/2013:13:09:31 +0000] "GET /buckets/users/objects HTTP/1.1" 403 160 "" ""

I also receive a 403 when I try to create an admin user.

I saw https://github.com/basho/riak_cs_control/issues/31 and set my /etc/riak-cs-control/app.config file up to use the cs_proxy_host parameter as well, though I'm not using proxies, but to no avail. I have reproduced the relevant section of my riak-cs-control/app.config here:
    {riak_cs_control, [
       %% What port to run the application on.
       {port, 8000 },

       %% Instance of Riak CS you wish to talk to.
       {cs_hostname, "" },
       {cs_port, 8080 },
       {cs_protocol, "http" },

       %% Proxy information; necessary if you are using s3.amazonaws.com as
       %% your hostname.
       {cs_proxy_host, "" },
       {cs_proxy_port, 8080 },

       %% Credentials you want the application to run as.
       {cs_admin_key, "5VI-NIFLNIHKRNGKPBVX" },
       {cs_admin_secret, "xxxxxxx" },

       %% Specify the bucket name for administration options.
       {cs_administration_bucket, "riak-cs" }

Is there something I am missing/doing wrong?


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