Yokozuna: Riak Python client PB error with Solr stored boolean fields

Dave Martorana dave at flyclops.com
Mon Oct 14 21:27:51 EDT 2013

I studied the problem I was having with using the Python client's
.fulltext_search(...) method and got it down to this - it seems that I get
an error when searching against Solr using the Python client's
.fulltext_search(...) method (using protocol buffers) whenever I have a *
stored* boolean field.

In my schema, I have:

<field name="banned" type="boolean" indexed="true" stored="true" />

With that (or any named field of type "boolean" that is set to
stored="true") I receive the following stack trace:


In the error.log file on the server, I see the following repeated:

2013-10-15 01:21:17.480 [error] <0.2872.0>@yz_pb_search:maybe_process:95

Does anyone have any insight? I'm not a Solr expert, so perhaps storing
boolean fields for retrieval is not a good idea? I know if I index but
don't store, I can still successfully search against a boolean value.


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