Build-in Erlang shell.

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Thanks for response. I don't have any particular plans on using this
console, and just trying to discover what options to do what is available
for troubleshooting, maintenance and operation of a cluster other then a
client operations. 


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The erlang shell found with riak attach is a remote shell. You can make RPC
calls into the Riak node from there. If you look at nodetool found in your
install it can give you examples on how to use Erlang's RPC call mechanism.
We don't typically recommend people do that as a regular practice though. We
use it mostly for debugging and adjusting settings when problems arise. We
do have erlang clients though, and their links / documentation can be found
on our docs site:  <>

If you have specific examples of what you have tried and what hasn't worked,
we'll be sure and help you get things straight.

Hope that helped,



On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 8:30 AM, Victor <Victor at> wrote:

Hi, I'm curious what Erlang shell within riak is used for (one which appears
with "riak attach" command) and if cluster operator would be able to use it
to make small queries without need to build client application? And is there
some kind of documentation for it? I've tried to use same functions as
Erlang client assuming that this shell is just build-in interface; however,
it throw undefined function exception at me, so probably I was wrong. 

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