riak (riak-cs) ring problem

Jordi Valverde jvalverde at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 10:16:18 EDT 2013


it's the first post, I've been searching around and having a trobule right now.

I really apologize if this question seems newbie, I've been playing a few riak since now.

My problem is that today I tryed to update riak, I was working with this versions:

ii  riak                               1.4.0-1                       amd64        Riak is a distributed data store
ii  riak-cs                            1.3.1-1                       amd64        Riak CS

to update to:

ii  riak                               1.4.2-1                       amd64        Riak is a distributed data store
ii  riak-cs                            1.4.0-1                       amd64        Riak CS

After upgrading this versions the main node where I have my stanchion server and "master" node, crashed when I tryed to start the updated node.

I tryed a downgrade the upgraded server and they start now normally, but I get this error:

I paused the node and in the shell get this:

root at rcs1:~# riak-admin ringready
FALSE Node 'riak at' and 'riak at' list different partition owners

googling couldn't find info about this and what's next step.

Could you help me out or point me where I could get info for solving this?



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