Riak consumes too much memory

darren darren at ontrenet.com
Thu Oct 17 20:50:36 EDT 2013

But why isn't riak smart enough to adjust itself to the available memory or lack thereof?

No serious enterprise technology should just consume everything and crash.

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The default config targets 5 servers and 16 to 32G of RAM.  Yes, the app.config needs some adjustment to achieve happiness for you:

- change ring_creation_size from 64 to 16 (remove the % from the beginning of the line)
- add this line before "{data_root, <path>}" in eleveldb section: "{max_open_files, 40}," (be sure the comma is at the end of this line).

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I installed riak v1.4.2 on ubuntu12.04(64bit, 4G RAM) with apt-get,  run it with default app.conf but change the backend to leveldb, and test it with https://github.com/tpjg/goriakpbc . 

Just keep putting (key, value) to an bucket,  the memory always increasing, and in the end it crashed, as it cannot allocate memory. 

Should i change the configuration or other?
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