Node riak at is not reachable in riak-yokozuna-0.10

m-hou at m-hou at
Wed Oct 23 21:24:18 EDT 2013

Hello All,

I have setup three VMs using VirtualBox running centos and installed
riak-yokozuna-0.10. I have changed the to the actual IP
in the riak.conf on each of the VMs. I can start the nodes and ping,
but I keep getting the not reachable error when I type 'riak-admin
cluster join riak at'. I noticed that the settings are
 located in app.config prior to riak-yokozuna-0.8.

{ kernel, [
            {inet_dist_listen_min, 6000},
            {inet_dist_listen_max, 7999}


How do I config the settings in riak-yokozuna-0.10?
Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!

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