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Pretty much right after getting the basics of a TCP client put together for Reactor [1] I started working on Riak integration. Mostly as a way to test/validate the classes in Reactor by stretching them with a real use-case. The result is a project I'm working on called Riaktor [2]. 

I think there's something very useful here and I'd be interested in feedback. In particular, the use of Promise and Stream to deal with asynchronous requests I think could be very useful. Reactor's TCP support is based on Netty 4 and since I'm using as much of the Reactor helpers and abstractions as possible, there's really very little for Riaktor to actually do other than translate an easy-to-use API into the much less easy-to-use Protobuf object API. The other features like Promises and Streams are leveraged directly.

I've been working with the folks from Couchbase on their new SDK which is based on Reactor and the performance is really outstanding as is the ease with which an asynchronous application can be wired to real work using the Reactor API. I'm continually working on side projects that I hope can leverage Riak and one of the reasons I went ahead with Riaktor was to try and create a comprehensive, POJO-based Java driver that was fully async and super high-performance.

There's really too much to do for me to do it all myself. If you see some value here, then I'd be thrilled if someone wants to help with this effort! :)

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