benchmark results on my $75/month 5 node cluster :)

Toby Corkindale toby.corkindale at
Sun Oct 27 20:37:10 EDT 2013

it's interesting to hear of what performance other people are achieving 
with Riak.

With a not-too-dissimilarly-configured[1] basho_bench test, we see 
throughput between 6000-7000 ops/sec. get/put latencies are under 2/4ms 
respectively for mean values, and under 6/12ms for 99th percentile.

This is on real (non-virtual) hardware, but not high-end gear.
Hopefully we're not too too far off what can reasonably be achieved.


[1: Test parameters:
   {concurrent, 16}.
   {driver, basho_bench_driver_riakc_pb}.
   {key_generator, {int_to_bin, {uniform_int, 10000}}}.
   {value_generator, {fixed_bin, 10000}}.
   {riakc_pb_replies, 1}.
   {operations, [{get, 3}, {put, 1} ]}.

On 28/10/13 06:35, Alex Rice wrote:
> Here is an updated 2 hour graph of the same "X-Small" 5-node cluster,
> after having performed all the Linux tuning steps I had missed first
> time around. Also added ntpd service to all nodes. Looks like slightly
> better throughput & latency, but a much cleaner graph overall, and it
> should "burst" much better:
> Here is the same cluster rebooted as "Medium" Azure VMs, same
> benchmark settings except: 8 workers, shorter duration. Not sure why
> it has errors, yet:
> Anyways- back to work for me!!!
> :)
> On Wed, Oct 2, 2013 at 12:14 PM, Alex Rice <alex at> wrote:
>> Hey, something that is impressive about Riak is how well it performs
>> even on  super low end cloud virtualization (unlike for example,
>> couchbase, which hardly runs at all unless you have quad cores per
>> each node)
>> Having so much fun benchmarking, it's really distracting me from coding!
>> the cluster : 5 nodes on Windows Azure cloud
>> Ubuntu 12.04, Riak 1.2.4
>> node are xsmall vm (1 shared cpu core, 768 mb ram)
>> The xmall vms are only $15/month and they are not recommended for
>> "production". but in a 5 node riak cluster, it's really nothing to
>> scoff at!
>> I suspect the main bottleneck is not the cpu or disk, rather I think
>> it's the each xsmall node is allowed only 5Mbit/sec on the ethernet.
>> Here is a basho_bench graph, if anyone feels like viewing it
>> note the basho bench was running on a quad core machine on the same
>> vlan with 5 workers.
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