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Mon Oct 28 17:46:03 EDT 2013


Within the last few days I've started trying riak, with the intent of using
it within a PoC. To that end, as I get started I've encountered some
situations where I'd appreciate insight/feedback.

1. When developing is more than 1 node required? I built and started one
node, but when I tried to "PUT" a new bucket I got the error:
"all_nodes_down". Member and ring statuses are below.

2. The java client allows for convenient mapping to/from JSON with POJOs.
But I'm using a scala framework that uses case classes to map the in coming
request. Therefore, creating POJOs for the communication with Riak would be
redundant. I'm curious how others are handling this situation.

3. The eventual (and hopefully soon) PoC will involve financial data. I'd
appreciate feedback/insight from those who have used Riak for financial
data management, as to what their experiences were.


riak member_status returns:

================================= Membership
Status     Ring    Pending    Node
valid     100.0%      --      'riak at'
Valid:1 / Leaving:0 / Exiting:0 / Joining:0 / Down:0

riak ring_status returns:
================================== Claimant
Claimant:  'riak at'
Status:     up
Ring Ready: true

============================== Ownership Handoff
No pending changes.

============================== Unreachable Nodes
All nodes are up and reachable
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