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Matthew Dawson matthew at
Mon Oct 28 23:57:24 EDT 2013

On October 28, 2013 06:00:43 PM Alexander Sicular wrote:
> 1. I use a one node deployment all the time for development. I jut tune the
> n val to 1.
Also, if you are using a one node cluster, I also change target_n_val to 1.  
This stops riak-admin diag from complaining that I don't have a enough nodes, 
and I figure could give a speed up.  My single node development setups have 
the following in their app.config files, in the riak_core section:

{target_n_val, 1},
{default_bucket_props, [

This sets the default bucket properties to have n_val at 1 as well as setting 
target_n_val to 1 (which must be a power of 2, and no less then your biggest 
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