Fwd: Could not get response from python riak

Naveen Tamanam naveen32india at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 04:20:49 EDT 2013

I think you may understood wrong,

I have 2  riak nodes running on the following ports   10018 and 10028.

I am able to connect with any of the riak node   through  python
interpreter ( program is running running, able to store and retrieve data).
But the problem is that

some times getting  "Could not get response" error from riak.

Usually able to connect with riak and able to  transfer the data to and
fro  but some times getting the error I have mentioned.

I am not able to determine when that error is coming.

I am loosing the data, I could not expect the same situation in my

Please let me know what are the reasons behind that error.

If the information that I have give is not sufficient please let me know.
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