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Tue Oct 29 11:59:37 EDT 2013

On Tuesday 29 October 2013 16:50:25 Rune Skou Larsen wrote:
> Den 29-10-2013 16:32, Georgi Ivanov skrev:
> > Hi and thank you for the reply. My comment follow:
> >> Your tests are not close to what you are going to have in production
> > 
> > My tests are exactly what we will have in production. 1 node or in best
> > case 2 nodes.
> > We don't care about durability here.
> If you don't care about durability, why do you want multiple copies of
> each object? I.e. why not just keep n=1?
The only reason is that if the HW dies we will have to import the data again 
.. which takes like one week.

That's why i would prefer 2 nodes setup
> >   Our request per second will be extremely
> > 
> > low too(300 per day ?)
> > Also we use 2i indexes.
> If you want to be able to find all your indexed objects with 2i, then
> don't increase the n-value with data in a bucket. This will change the
> way 2i looks for your data by skipping partitions, so you won't see all
> the objects until AAE has completed establishing redundancy.
> Consider checking out Yokozuna for searching instead of 2i.
Is it stable enough ?
Form the website :
NOTICE: Yokozuna is in alpha stage. It is under active development. Breaking 
changes could occur at any moment. In a future release it will replace Riak 

2i indexes are not critical part tho.

We just want to be able to fetch keys fast from riak ( with low cuncurrency )
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