Fetching Object Info

Daniele Testa daniele.testa at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 16:31:50 EDT 2013


I am looking around for different solutions for a good file-store and
the posibility to use Riak for that purpose.

As far as I understand, if I have a 10 node cluster with 2 replicas,
an object will be stored on a total of 3 nodes.

If I query a node where the object is NOT stored, the node will act as
a proxy and fetch the object from one of the 3 resposible nodes and
send it to the client. I do not want this. I prefer that the client
fetches the object directly from the responsible node(s) without
wasting traffic between the Riak nodes.

Is there a way to make the node do a "http location" response back to
the client with a redirect to one of the responsible nodes, so that
the client can fetch direcly from the node where the object resides? I
assume not.

However, I was hoping there is a way to query Riak about on which
nodes a specific object resides? Maybe there is a "info request" that
only returns metadata and location info about an object?

Something like "where is object X?" and Riak responds with a list of
the 3 responsible nodes. Is this possible?


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