RFC: Let's Make Riak-Core Easier to Use

Sam Elliott sam.elliott at basho.com
Tue Oct 29 20:13:37 EDT 2013

Hey Riak-Users (and Riak-Core)

Some time ago, Basho released riak_core as a framework for building distributed applications [1].
One of the key pieces of guidance that was given at the time was that you should use the features
of riak_kv if your app needed to do any persistence. With the new features we'll be releasing in
2.0 [2], we want to make riak_core the best toolkit for building complex distributed applications
with both CP and AP semantics.

As I see it, the main thing that is preventing most people from writing their own riak_core
application is that there's not an API that allows people to easily do so. There's a basic internal
KV client at the moment, but there are some features that it doesn't cover.

Post-RICON (and almost certainly after the 2.0 release), I'm going to focus on making riak_core
applications really easy to make, and riak_kv easy to use from a riak_core application.

I'd love any feedback that you all have. How can we improve the current APIs? How can we make it
really easy for people to create riak_core apps? How can we nicely expose the newest features of
riak_kv for people to use in their riak_core applications?

Bonus points for feedback from anyone who has built and run a riak_core application in production.


PS: I have some swag to give to anyone who's helpful

[1]: http://basho.com/where-to-start-with-riak-core/
[2]: http://basho.com/introducing-riak-2-0/

Sam Elliott
sam.elliott at basho.com

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