How does Riak full-text search compare to SolrCloud?

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Underneath the hood, Yokozuna (Riak Search 2.0) uses Solr's distributed
queries. However, instead of relying on Solr Cloud to distributed indexes
and determine which shards to include, it uses a variant of Riak's
"coverage" computation to determine which shards are queried, and then just
passes it off to Solr to perform. Unlike Riak Search 1.4 and earlier,
Yokozuna is document-partitioned, not term-partitioned, meaning that there
is a 1-1 mapping between Solr shard and Riak partition/vnode. Yokozuna also
does active anti-entropy so that any discrepancies between the index and
the key-value data get repaired.

I'm sure I'm missing some details; perhaps Ryan or Eric could chime in when
they come online.

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> Riak 2.0's search is Solr and has the same functionality as SolrCloud. As
> I understand it, you'll have the same functionality available to you
> between the two.
> Looking at the history of the source, it looks like the current Solr
> version in Riak 2.0 Search is Solr 4.4... so, no, block joins aren't there.
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> On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 2:48 AM, Andy <angelflow at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I saw in the announcement of Riak 2.0 that Solr is now integrated into
>> Riak: The announcement mentions
>> "highly available" and "built for scale". Those seem to be characteristics
>> similar to SolrCloud. For someone looking for a distributed search server,
>> is there any reason to choose Riak over SolrCloud? What are the pros and
>> cons of the two solutions?
>> Also, is every Solr functionality available in Riak? Do the various Solr
>> analyzers and stemmers for different languages work in Riak? What about the
>> newly added Block Join feature (
>> Thanks.
>>  Andy
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