Riak EE FullSync - Using Cron

Paul Cager lists at paulcager.org
Mon Aug 4 15:41:55 EDT 2014

I will be using riak EE with MDC replication and I have a couple of
questions about fullsync.

1)  What is the recommended way to replace the automatic fullsyncs
("fullsync_interval") with fullsyncs kicked off by cron? I.e. instead of
running every 6 hours (at possibly unpredictable times) I'd like it to run
at say 04:10, 09:10, 17:40, ...

I've noticed that I can't call "fullsync start" unless I have called
"fullsync enable".

2) What happens if two nodes request a fullsync at roughly the same time
(for the same source /sink)? Would the second call be ignored, or would it
be queued and executed once the first fullsync had finished?

3) Is there a way to positively identify situations in which a fullsync
would be unnecessary? E.g. if we are running with fullsync_on_connect=true,
and the "overload_drops" statistic is zero.
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