repair-2i not working as expected?

Guido Medina guido.medina at
Wed Aug 6 08:39:33 EDT 2014


We have had a problem now twice on Ubuntu 12.04 with MDM arrays (all 
nodes Raid 1 with 2x2TB disks) where once a disk fails 2i queries don't 
return the expected result, the only solution we have been able to apply 
is by replacing the affected node.

After doing an AAE clean up, repaired partitions and repaired 2i the 
problem still persists, would this be an indication of a problem with 
repair-2i not doing what is supposed to do?

Once a disk is gone, MDM says the array consist of only one disk and the 
server seems fine, keys are fine and no data is lost but it seems like 
2i once corrupted is never back to a correct state unless the 
problematic node is replaced.

We have had this problem with 1.4.7 (or 8) and now with 1.4.10

Any thoughts?

Best regards,


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