Interesting issue with Ruby Riak client not finding keys in a cluster configuration

Chaim Solomon chaim at
Thu Aug 7 03:30:26 EDT 2014


I just found an interesting issue (debugging mystery):
On the development node I connect through a SSH tunnel to one node of the

riak_client = 9198, pb_port: 9187, protocol:

and on the staging server, I had the client set up for using a list of
nodes to allow automatic failover if needed:

  riak_client = => [
      {pb_port: 8087, host: 'ip_of_node1', protocol: 'pbc'},
      {pb_port: 8087, host: 'ip_of_node2', protocol: 'pbc'},
      {pb_port: 8087, host: 'ip_of_node3', protocol: 'pbc'}])

But in this configuration some keys that are available when I connect with
the "simple" configuration are just not found. I changed it on the same
server to use only one node
riak_client = 8087, host: 'ip_of_node1',
protocol: 'pbc')

and the key is found. I tried it with the other riak nodes and for each of
them it workes.

What is going on?

riak-client (

Chaim Solomon
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