Issues with search (2.0)

Chaim Solomon chaim at
Mon Aug 11 07:14:49 EDT 2014


I've been running into an issue with the yz search acting up.

I've been getting a lot of these:

2014-08-11 06:45:22.005 [error] <0.913.0>@yz_kv:index:206 failed to index
object {<<"bucketname">>,<<"123">>} with error {"Failed to index
docs",{error,req_timedout}} because [{yz_solr,index,3,[{file,"s

and the Java process uses a lot of CPU and eventually runs out of memory or
something like that and gets stuck. Killing the process gets the cluster
back up and running.

I am guessing that it may be data corruption on the yz data on one node.

Clearing away the yz data on that node and restarting riak makes the system
work again - and I guess AAE will rebuild the index.

But I'm wondering why a crashing Java on one node practically takes down
the search on the cluster. Shouldn't Riak be more resilient than that?

Is there a explicit reindex command for the full text search subsystem?

Could Riak keep an eye on the java process and restart it if it crashes or
runs away?

Chaim Solomon
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