Slow s3cmd ls queries + HAProxy 504 timeouts

Alex Millar alex at
Fri Aug 15 08:39:17 EDT 2014

So the issue we’re having is only with bucket listing.

alxndrmlr at alxndrmlr-mbp $ time s3cmd -c .s3cfg-riakcs-admin ls s3://bonfirehub-resources-can-east-doc-conversion
                       DIR   s3://bonfirehub-resources-can-east-doc-conversion/organizations/

real 2m0.747s
user 0m0.076s
sys 0m0.030s

where as…

alxndrmlr at alxndrmlr-mbp $ time s3cmd -c .s3cfg-riakcs-admin ls s3://bonfirehub-resources-can-east-doc-conversion/organizations/OrganizationID-1/documents/proposals
                       DIR   s3://bonfirehub-resources-can-east-doc-conversion/organizations/OrganizationID-1/documents/proposals/

real 0m10.262s
user 0m0.075s
sys 0m0.028s

The contents of this bucket contains a lot of very small files (basically for each PDF we receive I split it to .JPG foreach page and store them here. Based on the my latest counts it looks like we have around 170,000 .JPG files in that bucket.

Now I’ve had a hunch this is just a fundamentally expensive operation which exceeds the 5000ms response time threshold set in our HAProxy config (which I raised during the video to illustrate what’s going on). After reading and I’m feeling like this is just a fundamental issue with the data structure in Riak. 

Based on this I’m thinking that cost of this type of query is only going to get worse over time as we add more keys to this bucket (unless secondary indexes can be added). Or am I totally out to lunch here and there’s some other underlying problem?

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