Hardware recommendations?

Anton Khalikov anton at khalikov.ru
Mon Aug 18 01:46:41 EDT 2014

Hello there

As our Riak CS cluster grows, we went through several performance 
problems which caused me to think we went a wrong way with planning our 
hardware nodes configuration probably.

If we want to have an s3 cluster with 30-40 Tb capacity, 50-100 millions 
of keys (files) stored on few thousands of buckets with n_val=3 which 
way to choose hardware configuration for nodes would be better:

1. more nodes with less memory and hdd capacity each. Let's say 18 nodes 
with 40 gb ram and 8 tb storage per node
2. less nodes with more memory and hdd capacity each. Let's say 12 nodes 
with 64 gb ram and 12 tb storage per node
3. even less nodes with even more memory and hdd capacity each. Well, 
for example 6 nodes with 128 gb ram and 24 tb storage each

Or is there a dependency between total cluster memory and total cluster 
storage capacity? What is our maximum storage capacity if we have 768 gb 
ram in total in our cluster in other words?

Best regards
Anton Khalikov

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