ID generation techniques

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Wed Aug 20 14:03:48 EDT 2014

I have questions for your question.

1. What are you using your keys for? Do they get passed around in to
clients in Javascript? This is important because Javascript only
reliably implements IEEE 754 floating point, which is limited to 53
bits of precision.

2. What backend are you using? In Bitcask, your keyspace is "costly"
whereas in LevelDB, keys on disk are "cheap." Additionally, having
k-sorted writes helps your story around levelDB compactions?

3. Is there any reason you want them K-sorted, other than to make
LevelDB compactions a bit nicer?

On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 10:23 AM, Shailesh Mangal
<shailesh.mangal at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to ask what are popular, scalable ID generation techniques for
> storing data in RIAK. Some ideas that we are toying with:
> ID Generation server (like Flikr ticket server) - Numeric
> Twitter's Snowflake like implementation- Alphanumeric
> Riak’s auto ID generation- Alphanumeric
> So far, we are thinking of going with option 2 as it doesn’t require node
> coordination, k-sorted. But we would prefer a uncoordinated numeric Unique
> Ids.
> - Shailesh
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