Waiting for riak to handoff ?

Luke Bakken lbakken at basho.com
Thu Aug 28 11:00:59 EDT 2014

For archiving purposes, running the code in the below link resolved
Marcel's issue.

On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 9:55 AM, Luke Bakken <lbakken at basho.com> wrote:
> Hi Marcel,
> I discussed this issue with a colleague and he agrees that running the
> code you found in these release notes should fix this issue:
> https://github.com/basho/riak/blob/1.0.2-release/RELEASE-NOTES.org#ownership-handoff-stall
> Somehow the final phase of handoff was interrupted and the ring
> changes did not gossip. Let us know if this resolves your issue.
> --
> Luke Bakken
> lbakken at basho.com

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