Riak VS Graph Databases

Guido Medina guido.medina at temetra.com
Fri Aug 29 11:03:53 EDT 2014

Maybe what you are looking for is a combination of both, say, your KV 
data in Riak with a combination of background processes able to build 
the necessary searching graphs in Neo4J, in such way your data is secure 
in a Riak cluster and searchable on several Neo4J servers.

That's just an idea which might be not do-able, hope it helps,


On 29/08/14 15:54, Alex De la rosa wrote:
> Hi there,
> For some time already I have in mind building a kind of social network 
> myself. Is pretty ambitious project although it doesn't have in mind 
> to be a new facebook; but still data will be quite big and complex.
> I like Riak and I had been following since version 0.14, and new 
> additions in Riak 2.0 seem to help a lot in how to model the data; 
> although relationships will be unavoidable.
> Some friends suggested me to use Graph Databases instead. How would 
> Riak compare to Graph Databases for this use case? Is it doable to 
> create a social network entirely from Riak? Or may not be recommended?
> Thanks!
> Alex
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