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Did you get a chance to review my email below?


Please let me know if you have any query regarding the same.



Nancy Smith


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Would you be interested in acquiring recently compiled and optin verified
contacts of specific AWS solution implemented user accounts.


We can help you target accounts specific to app implemented like: Cloud
Computing, Storage, Compute, Database, Application Services, Big Data,
Networking, Content Delivery, Deployment etc.


We can also help you with database of users like: 


*	Rackspaceusers
*	Savvis users
*	Google App users
*	CenturyLink users
*	Terremark users
*	Softlayer users
*	Coresite users
*	Citrix users
*	Tibco users and many more.


Let me know if you require any further details and if there is anything else
we can help you with.


Let me know if we can set up a call to discuss further or you can send me an
email with the information you are looking for.




Nancy Smith

Technology list consultant 

Demand generation team




If you don't wish to receive any offer from us please feel free to reply to
this email with "Leave Out"

Other Services that we provide include: market research, email appending,
email campaigning, IT Profiling, etc.


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