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Mon Dec 1 10:03:53 EST 2014

I've ask then.

We've got 4 MR jobs 
MapReduce mr = new

MapReduce mr = new

MapReduce mr = new

MapReduce mr = new IndexMapReduce.Builder().withIndex(index).withRange(from,

MapReduce.Response response = G.client.execute(mr)

none of them work there are exceptions 

com.basho.riak.client.core.netty.RiakResponseException: Error processing
incoming message: error:function_clause:[{riak_index, parse_binary,
com.basho.riak.client.core.netty.RiakResponseException: Error receiving
outputs: normal
good execution without response, 
and so on.

there is no good java client 2.0 example of working MR,
interface is not clear to me (e.q in HTTP we have got inputs - and index
inside & query,
here we have got query and index, map, reduce as a separate function, so how
query should like?

we have index and range but do not have keyfilters, and query 
we have index and keyfilters which does not work

any example of each class for MR is needed, or maybe riak 2.0 is only
experimental? and we need to work with 1.4 version

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