Java clent to riak 2.0 - is it mature, working?

niedomnie niedomnie at
Mon Dec 1 10:25:22 EST 2014

I've tested Riak Java client 2.0, while searching through BinIndexQuery, and

Neither of them is working. BinIndexQuery does not allow to search through
$key index (always adding _bin to name). And MapReduce jobs there are no
examples anywhere.  
I've been trying with classes BucketMapReduce, SearchMapReduce,
BucketKeyMapReduce, IndexMapReduce - none of them returned results (most of
them are throwing exceptions). Although HTTP MR is working fine and I had no
problem with running them.

Does Riak Java Client 2.0 an experimental/immature and I should not use it?
Should I switch to Riak 1.4?
Does Client 1.4 works with 2.0 server?
Do you have any working example of usage MR with Java client 2.0?
How to debug server - when I am sending some request to erlang I want to
know which functions are called with which arguments - any riak specialized
? or should I use dbg?

Thank you for any help.

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