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> On Dec 1, 2014, at 12:28 PM, Taufan Adhitya <toopay at taufanaditya.com> wrote:
> Hey Sean, thanks for the response.
> I was looking the documentation section you've pointed, but I'm stuck on Counters/Sets/Maps in the Erlang client are opaque data structures that collect operations as you mutate them. We will associate the data structure with a bucket type, bucket, and key later on. part. How do associate/save some datatype object on some bucket/key then? 

Hi Taufan,

The link that Sean provided has information on how to create the bucket type.  Taken from the included link:

	riak-admin bucket-type create maps '{"props":{"datatype":"map"}}'

	riak-admin bucket-type create sets '{"props":{"datatype":"set"}}'

	riak-admin bucket-type create counters '{"props":{"datatype":"counter"}}'

I’ve also got a small riak_test example which uses the Erlang client to create the bucket type and operate over a key.  This might provide a good starting place to work from.

For example:

Creating a search index:

Updating/creating a map with a register in it:

Executing this with the client:

Performing a search query with the client:

- Chris

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