Riak Nodes Crashing

ender extropy at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 16:02:28 EST 2014

My RIak installation has been running successfully for about a year.  This
week nodes suddenly started randomly crashing.  The machines have plenty of
memory and free disk space, and looking in the ring directory nothing
appears to amiss:

[ec2-user at ip-10-196-72-247 ~]$ ls -l /vol/lib/riak/ring
total 80
-rw-rw-r-- 1 riak riak 17829 Nov 29 19:42
-rw-rw-r-- 1 riak riak 17829 Dec  3 19:07
-rw-rw-r-- 1 riak riak 17829 Dec  4 16:29
-rw-rw-r-- 1 riak riak 17847 Dec  4 20:45

[ec2-user at ip-10-196-72-247 ~]$ du -h /vol/lib/riak/ring
84K /vol/lib/riak/ring

I have attached a tarball with the app.config file plus all the logs from
the node at the time of the crash.  Any help much appreciated!

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