confused by node_gets vs node_gets stats

Oleksiy Krivoshey oleksiyk at
Sat Dec 6 07:27:38 EST 2014


Can someone please explain the strange behaviour I'm experiencing with
node_gets stats vs vnode_gets on this histograms (screenshot):

According to:

node_gets - Number of GETs coordinated by this node, including GETs to
non-local vnodes in the last minute

vnode_gets - Number of GET operations coordinated by local vnodes on this
node in the last minute

My questions which I don't understand:

1. How can vnode_gets be larger than node_gets by 50x on a 5 node cluster?
If I understand the doc correctly, it can't be larger than sum of node_gets
on all nodes?

2. I can't explain those periodic splashes in vnode_gets each hour. There
are no such splashes on node_gets at the same periods and there is no
periodic load caused by my application. What can be the reason? AAE?


Oleksiy Krivoshey
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