Questions about how I want to use riak

Paige Thompson erratic at
Sat Dec 6 19:55:29 EST 2014


I've recently started developing a web application and I'm using risk for data and session storage. I was hoping to get some pro tips on a few things

- First of all I want to create a bucket for every user that signs up on my website. I see in the documentation it says:

"If you want to avoid setting a limit on per-user bucket creation, you can setmax_buckets_per_user to unlimited."

I'm just wondering if there's any reason besides the privilege of being able to create an infinite number of buckets being abused? I intend to have a user accounts bucket, and each user account has its own bucket to hold the users data; this seems logical since putting all of the user data into one big ass bucket seems like its destined to fail miserably. Any thoughts?

- I read that solr in riak can be directed to index buckets that have a specific "bucket type" applied to them. Can't find the instructions ATM, (just this: After connecting a bucket (or bucket type) to a Solr index, you simply write values (such as JSON, XML, plain text, Riak Data Types, etc.) into Riak as normal, and then query those indexed values using the Solr API."

I'm kinda wondering will that work the way I want to believe it will? (Where if all of my user buckets have a bucket type applied to them that sold will find them and index them?)

Let me know, any advice is appreciated my experience with sold is limited. Also cutting my teeth on nosql for a change is a big difference.


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