How you are dealing with spikes?

Alexander Popov mogadanez at
Tue Dec 9 07:58:45 EST 2014

I have Riak 2.0.1 cluster with 5 nodes ( ec2 m3-large ) with elnm in front
sometimes I got spikes  up to 10 seconds

I can't say that I have  huge load at this time,  max 200 requests per
second for all 5 nodes.

Most expensive queries is
* list by secondary index ( usually returns from 0 to 100 records  )
* and solr queries( max 10 records )

save operations  is slowdown sometimes but not so much ( up to 1 sec )

It's slowdown not for specific requests, same one work pretty fast later.

Does it any possibilities to profile|log somehow to determine reason
why this happen?

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