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Tue Dec 9 09:59:01 EST 2014

Hi Paige,

> - First of all I want to create a bucket for every user that signs up on my website. I see in the documentation it says:
> "If you want to avoid setting a limit on per-user bucket creation, you can setmax_buckets_per_user to unlimited."

That statement is from the Riak CS documentation. Riak CS is Basho's
object storage solution. Your subject and next few questions indicate
that you intend to use only Riak so I thought I clarify that the two
are different products. Riak CS is a combination of Riak and an
S3-compatible object storage layer.

> - I read that solr in riak can be directed to index buckets that have a specific "bucket type" applied to them. Can't find the instructions ATM

Here is the best place to get started with Riak Search:

Here is the information about bucket types:

Basically, a bucket type is like a namespace or grouping of buckets
with common properties. One such property is the associated search
index, which you set up separately.

> Let me know, any advice is appreciated my experience with sold is limited. Also cutting my teeth on nosql for a change is a big difference.

That's why this mailing list is here!

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