Map Reduce with Data Types

Kyle Patterson kyle.patterson at
Wed Dec 10 20:35:15 EST 2014

I can't get map reduce to work with the new data types.
I have a bucket type as defined below:
riak-admin bucket-type create map '{"props":{"datatype":"map"}}

There seems to be a problem going from the input phase to the map/reduce.
I'm getting notfound errors for objects that exist.

While the normal list of input tuples might look like [{<<"bucket">>,
for data-type lookups I'm guessing (based on the src and how bucket/key
pairs for data types are defined elsewhere) should look like:
[{{<<"type">>, <<"bucket">>}, <<"key">>}]?

mapred(Pid, [{{<<"map">>, <<"articles">>},
<<"7bdbd2da-1463-46f8-b750-6f813700b28b">>}], [{map, {modfun,
'riak_kv_mapreduce', 'map_object_value'}, none, true}]).

Anyone have any insight or have a working example of mapred with data types?


Kyle Patterson
Full Stack Maniac
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