Weird RIAK behavior

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Mon Dec 22 21:54:36 EST 2014

Same client code writing to all 5 clusters? 

How does the config of the 5th cluster differ from the first 4?

Quick notes:
Minimum of 5 nodes for a production deployment to ensure the default 3 replicas are all on different physical nodes. Which is a good segue into the fact that you shouldn't run multiple Riak nodes on the same physical hardware. Performance aside, if you lose that physical machine you lose all your data. 


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> On Dec 22, 2014, at 18:59, Claudio Cesar Sanchez Tejeda <demonccc.y at> wrote:
> I'm a sysadmin and I managing 5 cluster of RIAK:
> - two of them are LXC containers on the same physical machine (3 nodes
> per cluster)
> - one of them are LXC containers located on different physical
> machines (6 nodes)
> - one of them are LXC containers located on different physical
> machines and XEN VMs (6 nodes)
> - and the last of them are VMware ESX VMs (3 nodes)
> Our application works correctly on the first four clusters, but it
> doesn't work as we expected on the last one.
> When we update a key and we retrieve this key in order to write it
> again, it has an old value (it doesn't have the first value that we
> wrote), for example:
> The key has: lalala
> We retrieve the key, and add lololo, so it should be lalala,lololo
> We retrieve the key again, and try to add lelele, so it should be now:
> lalala,lololo,lelele, but when we retrieve it again, we only have:
> lalala,lelele
> In the second write action, when we retrieve the key, we obtained a
> key with the old value. We set r, w, pr and rw to 3 to the REST
> requests, but it doesn't help.
> All the configuration files are very similiar and we don't have any
> major differences in the disk I/O and network performance of the nodes
> of the clusters.
> Did anyone have a similar issue?
> Regards.
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