Objects visibility in Riak Serch immediately after storage

Santi Kumar santi at veradocs.com
Tue Dec 30 07:25:03 EST 2014

HI I'm having some consistency issues with Riak Search.

I have configured Riak Search and enabled search for a specific bucket. In
one of the service layer methods, I"m storing the object into the Riak and
doing some more updates and immediately trying to search on a attribute of
 the object.  It's intended to return the same object which I stored, but
RiakSearch in not returning object.

If I run in the debug mode, and give some time, then search is able to
return the object. I tried storing the object with Quoram ALL, but still
have this consistency issues.

I'm using JAVA Client for storing like below.

StoreValue storeUserOp = new StoreValue.Builder(value)


        .withOption(StoreValue.Option.W, Quorum.allQuorum())


What is the best way to handle such cases? While using RDBMS, we didn't
these issues, but when we are migrating to Riak we start getting into these
issues more often.

Let me know your inputs


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