Anti-Entropy Sudden Exchange

Justin Long justinlong at
Thu Jan 2 14:31:40 EST 2014

Hi everyone,

Experiencing some weird behaviour in a cluster of 3 nodes. As of this morning, we noticed a massive performance lag and when checking the logs Active Anti-Entropy Exchange suddenly began initiating a huge series of transfers. Here’s what we see in the logs:

2014-01-02 19:26:34.396 [info] <0.1571.1800>@riak_kv_exchange_fsm:key_exchange:206 Repaired 882 keys during active anti-entropy exchange of {228359630832953580969325755111919221821239459840,3} between {228359630832953580969325755111919221821239459840,'riak at'} and {251195593916248939066258330623111144003363405824,'riak at’}

When we check the logs on all 3 nodes we only had a few process crashes 10 hours ago, nothing in between that time and now. It all came on suddenly. Any idea if this is normal and will fix itself or if we need to intervene?


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