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red sky skyred81 at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 9 09:23:41 EST 2014

Hi Guys,

i want to build a statistics email marketing application and i want to use riak cs (as cdn) for storing the html/css/images files.
for this i need to 'count all the ressources of the bucket that have been accessed '. I am using s3 api to prorammaticly store my object(i am using python/django): 

>>> from boto.s3.connection import S3Connection
>>> conn = S3Connection(aws_access_key_id='DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD',aws_secret_access_key='DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD',is_secure=False,port='8080',host='xx.host.com')
>>> b = conn.create_bucket('testpython')
>>> k = Key(b)
>>> k.key = 'jdk upload file'
>>> k.set_contents_from_filename('/home/data/jdk-6u45-linux-x64.bin')

so my idea is code an application in django and intercept all the urls that will be accessed, and then i will have to somehow increment statistics of my accessed files.
Do you have any idea how to achive this through riak or riak cs API ?
And thanks for your help.
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