DecodeErrors in protobuf

Massimiliano Ciancio massimiliano at
Thu Jan 9 18:58:43 EST 2014

Hi all,
I've started receiving strange errors from protobuf.
I'm running Riak 1.4.6 on Debian 7 with a test program using python riak
library from 'pip install' and python-protobuf 2.4.1-3
For this test I've configured Riak with only one instance running and N=1.
I runs many parallel python processes each using a different Riak

The errors I'm observing are generated when i try to read or write to Riak
and are the following:

1) DecodeError: Truncated string (
2) DecodeError: Unexpected end-group tag (
3) DecodeError: Tag had invalid wire type (
4) Exception: unknown msg code 44 (

Do you have any idea about what's going on?
Thanks in advance.
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