[ANN] Riak 1.4.7

Hector Castro hector at basho.com
Mon Jan 13 11:00:55 EST 2014

Hello All,

Riak 1.4.7 has been pushed to S3 for download from
http://docs.basho.com/riak/latest/downloads/, and is also available
via our apt and yum repositories.

This is primarily a bug fix release including:

- Fix for Bitcask's NIF mode (native IO operations instead of Erlang)
that prevented new file creation
- Fix for Active Anti-Entropy (AAE) secondary index (2i) repair
- Add AAE exchange and repair throttle settings

The complete release notes can be found here:


Thanks for your continued support of Riak. We sincerely appreciate it.

-Team Basho

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