riak-2.0.0 preview refuses to start when nodename is changed to the ip or hostname of the machine

John Shen john.shen at sungard.com
Thu Jan 16 15:11:42 EST 2014

i downloaded riak-2.0.0pre5-1.el6.x86_64.rpm
riak node starts fine with

## Name of the riak node
# this fails
#nodename = riak at myhost.mydomain
#this works
#nodename = riak at
#this also fails
nodename = riak at

the riak processes seem to start still despite the FAILED message, but
riak-admin says node is not running.

this is RHEL 6

thanks for any hint as how to debug

Starting riak: riak failed to start within 15 seconds,
see the output of 'riak console' for more information.
If you want to wait longer, set the environment variable
WAIT_FOR_ERLANG to the number of seconds to wait.

# ps -ef | grep ria[k]
riak     28771     1  0 11:53 ?        00:00:00
/usr/lib64/riak/erts-5.10.3/bin/epmd -daemon
riak     28779     1  0 11:53 ?        00:00:00
/usr/lib64/riak/erts-5.10.3/bin/run_erl -daemon /var/run/riak//
/var/log/riak exec /usr/sbin/riak console
riak     28782 28779  2 11:53 pts/1    00:01:36
/usr/lib64/riak/erts-5.10.3/bin/beam.smp -W w -K true -A 64 -P 256000 --
-root /usr/lib64/riak -progname riak -- -home /var/lib/riak -- -boot
/usr/lib64/riak/releases/2.0.0pre5/riak -config
/var/lib/riak/generated.configs/app.2014. -smp enable
-name riak at -setcookie riak -vm_args
/var/lib/riak/generated.configs/vm.2014. -pa
/usr/lib64/riak/lib/basho-patches -- console
riak     28999 28782  0 11:53 ?        00:00:00 sh -s disksup
riak     29001 28782  0 11:53 ?        00:00:00
riak     29002 28782  0 11:53 ?        00:00:00

# riak console
13:10:15.193 [info] Application lager started on node nonode at nohost
13:10:15.193 [info] Checking /etc/riak/app.config exists... false
13:10:15.193 [info] Checking /etc/riak/vm.args exists... false
13:10:15.193 [info] No app.config or vm.args detected in /etc/riak,
activating cuttlefish
13:10:15.385 [info] Adding Defaults
13:10:15.387 [info] Applying Datatypes
13:10:15.404 [info] Validation
13:10:15.407 [info] Applied 1:1 Mappings
13:10:15.408 [info] Applied Translations
config is OK
-config /var/lib/riak/generated.configs/app.2014.
-args_file /var/lib/riak/generated.configs/vm.2014.
-vm_args /var/lib/riak/generated.configs/vm.2014.
Exec:  /usr/lib64/riak/erts-5.10.3/bin/erlexec -boot
/usr/lib64/riak/releases/2.0.0pre5/riak               -config
/var/lib/riak/generated.configs/app.2014. -args_file
/var/lib/riak/generated.configs/vm.2014. -vm_args
-pa /usr/lib64/riak/lib/basho-patches -- console
Root: /usr/lib64/riak
Erlang R16B02-basho3 (erts-5.10.3) [source] [64-bit] [smp:2:2]
[async-threads:64] [kernel-poll:true]

Eshell V5.10.3  (abort with ^G)
(riak at>

not sure how to proceed at this point.


John Shen
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