Thank You, Riak Community

Mark S Phillips msphillenator at
Fri Jan 24 13:46:46 EST 2014

Hi All,

For anyone keeping score at home, "mark at" has managed to spam
this list with exactly 710 messages [1] since March 31, 2010 [2].
This, the 711th, is coming from my personal address
(msphilllenator at as today is my last day at Basho. This
message is to say thank you.

I've been at Basho for the better part of six years, with the last
four being dedicated to the creation and proliferation of the Riak
community. This roughly lines up with when Riak was open-sourced
(which, for any historians out there, was 1,631 days ago [3] as of
this writing). I officially started in February of 2010 as Community
Manager. About two years after that, thanks in large part to our
community and customers validating the power of Riak through
production usage, I was given the opportunity to build a team. That
team now stands at six, with Tom, Hector, Seth, Michelle, John, and
Joel all being far more capable than yours truly.

The Community Team, alongside all of Basho, have big plans for 2014.
Better docs, better meetups, better blog posts, better swag, better
RICONs, better code, and better products.

The future for Riak is brighter than ever. 2.0 is on the cusp of being
official (patience, patience), and the features and fixes in that
release will put Riak into another category of database all together.
With Yokozuna, CRDTs, Strong Consistency, Security, and Cuttlefish,
(each of which could be their own major-release leading feature), I
truly believe there's no better database out there for companies
building scalable, real-time systems that can't go down. If you have
one use case for Riak 1.4.x, you'll have another three or four thanks
to the additions in 2.0. (And if you throw CS into the mix, almost all
your problems are solved...)

The Riak Community was largely my introduction to open source
software. It was a never-ending adventure, and I was thankful and
honored every day to be a part of it. And even though I'm moving on
from Basho to try something new, I'll still be yelling about Riak and
Riak CS every chance I get. You won't be getting rid of me that
easily. :)

(Also, for anyone interested, today's Riak Community Hangout will
feature John Daily, Hector Castro, Andy Gross, and myself taking a
look at the last six years of Riak and Basho. We'll be live at around
11 AM Pacific - about 14 minutes from now - on Basho's YouTube page

Thanks for everything. See you all soon.



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