Thank You, Riak Community

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Fri Jan 24 14:07:43 EST 2014

One might say "sorry to see you go" but I think we all know you'll never really leave. And that's the only way I'll have it. Thanks for making this a great community. Mazal Tov!



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> On Jan 24, 2014, at 13:46, Mark S Phillips <msphillenator at> wrote:
> Hi All,
> For anyone keeping score at home, "mark at" has managed to spam
> this list with exactly 710 messages [1] since March 31, 2010 [2].
> This, the 711th, is coming from my personal address
> (msphilllenator at as today is my last day at Basho. This
> message is to say thank you.
> I've been at Basho for the better part of six years, with the last
> four being dedicated to the creation and proliferation of the Riak
> community. This roughly lines up with when Riak was open-sourced
> (which, for any historians out there, was 1,631 days ago [3] as of
> this writing). I officially started in February of 2010 as Community
> Manager. About two years after that, thanks in large part to our
> community and customers validating the power of Riak through
> production usage, I was given the opportunity to build a team. That
> team now stands at six, with Tom, Hector, Seth, Michelle, John, and
> Joel all being far more capable than yours truly.
> The Community Team, alongside all of Basho, have big plans for 2014.
> Better docs, better meetups, better blog posts, better swag, better
> RICONs, better code, and better products.
> The future for Riak is brighter than ever. 2.0 is on the cusp of being
> official (patience, patience), and the features and fixes in that
> release will put Riak into another category of database all together.
> With Yokozuna, CRDTs, Strong Consistency, Security, and Cuttlefish,
> (each of which could be their own major-release leading feature), I
> truly believe there's no better database out there for companies
> building scalable, real-time systems that can't go down. If you have
> one use case for Riak 1.4.x, you'll have another three or four thanks
> to the additions in 2.0. (And if you throw CS into the mix, almost all
> your problems are solved...)
> The Riak Community was largely my introduction to open source
> software. It was a never-ending adventure, and I was thankful and
> honored every day to be a part of it. And even though I'm moving on
> from Basho to try something new, I'll still be yelling about Riak and
> Riak CS every chance I get. You won't be getting rid of me that
> easily. :)
> (Also, for anyone interested, today's Riak Community Hangout will
> feature John Daily, Hector Castro, Andy Gross, and myself taking a
> look at the last six years of Riak and Basho. We'll be live at around
> 11 AM Pacific - about 14 minutes from now - on Basho's YouTube page
> [4].)
> Thanks for everything. See you all soon.
> Mark
> 413.335.2332
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> [2]
> [3]
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