Issue with 2i sorting on Linux

Wagner Camarao wagner at
Mon Jan 27 13:06:25 EST 2014

I'm using 2i to model "a document has many revisions" so the index name is
a lower case string and the indexed keys are formatted as timestamp_uuid.

When I query 2i to grab last revisions on OSX they're always returned
correctly, as per riak docs say 2i sorting happens first by index name and
then by key.

But when I run the same on Linux the sorting order comes random. Any idea
what I could be doing wrong? Any known issues on 2i sorting on Linux? Which
more details could I provide?

Have thought of OSX case insensitiveness, but index names and keys are all
lower case.
Have checked timestamps have same number of digits as they are concatenated
with uuids.
Running riak-1.4.2 with backend storage set to eleveldb in app.config on
both Linux and OSX.

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