Timeouts on Riak Search

Ryan Zezeski rzezeski at basho.com
Mon Jan 27 17:20:04 EST 2014

On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 7:41 PM, ender <extropy at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am continuously getting the following types of errors in my riak logs:
> 2014-01-27 00:06:39.735 [error] <0.220.0> Supervisor riak_pipe_builder_sup
> had child undefined started with {riak_pipe_builder,start_link,undefined}
> at <0.18590.125> exit with reason
> {{modfun,riak_search,mapred_search,[<<"Mediastream">>,<<"(type:image
> type:video type:FacebookPost) AND (teamSlug:nba.san-antonio-spurs
> home_teamSlug:nba.san-antonio-spurs
> away_teamSlug:nba.san-antonio-spurs)">>]},error,{badmatch,{error,timeout}},[{riak_search,mapred_search,3,[{file,"src/riak_search.erl"},{line,55}]},{riak_kv_mrc_pipe,send_inputs,3,[{file,"src/riak_kv_mrc_pipe.erl"},{line,627}]},{riak_kv_mrc_pipe,'-send_inputs_async/3-fun-0-',3,[{file,"src/riak_kv_mrc_pipe.erl"},{line,557}]}]}
> in context child_terminated
> I have just started using Riak last week, so most likely it's user error
> on my part.  Would be grateful for any assistance!
> I have also attached some additional info (app.config, log files etc) to
> this email.
> Thanks,
> Satish

I see you are doing a disjunction search across the type field `(type:image
type:video type:FacebookPost)`. How many documents match that sub-query? If
it is over 100k then legacy Riak Search will fail to return on the query
causing it to timeout. In general, legacy Riak Search has issues with
larger result sets. In 2.0 there is a new version of Riak Search (code name
Yokozuna) which should have much less issues with larger result sets. You
can try playing with it via the 2.0.0pre11 download.



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