Edgar Veiga edgarmveiga at
Mon Jan 27 18:25:32 EST 2014

Hi there everyone!

I would like to know, if my current application is a good use case to set
last_write_wins to true.

Basically I have a cluster of node.js workers reading and writing to riak.
Each node.js worker is responsible for a set of keys, so I can guarantee
some kind of non distributed cache...
The real deal here is that the writing operation is not run evertime an
object is changed but each 5 seconds in a "batch insertion/update" style.
This brings the guarantee that the same object cannot be write to riak at
the same time, not event at the same seconds, there's always a 5 second
window between each insertion/update.

That said, is it profitable to me if I set last_write_wins to true? I've
been facing some massive writting delays under high loads and it would be
nice if I have some kind of way to tune riak.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
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