Is there a better way to make users in Riak CS?

David Stevenson stevend at
Tue Jan 28 16:59:39 EST 2014

It seems like the only way to make the initial admin user in RiakCS is to
start it up in this "anonymous user creation" mode, create a user, pull the
credentials out of the response, and then restart it in secure mode.  This
is a problem for us, because we are using BOSH to deploy RiakCS and
something that actually uses it (and therefore must know the credentials of
the admin user) at once.

Does anyone have a way to pre-seed an admin user with a pre-determined
access & secret key?  That way all the processes in the system can know in
advance what the eventual admin user creds will be.  Any other ideas?
 Could basho make it possible to pre-seed an admin user with custom
credentials in advance or is that very difficult?

Thanks guys!

-David Stevenson
Director of Engineering, CF Services
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